The series of ultra-fast and high performance EMI Receivers TDEMI eXtreme (TDEMI X) of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS provides due to a real-time bandwidth of 325 MHz in addition to the classical EMI Receiver mode a variety of measurement and analysis functions.

New dimensions for your pre-certifcation testing. The TDEMI M product line of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a very compact designed all-round instrument especially for mobile use outside as well as in labs on the developer workbench providing a great variety of functionalities.

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS presents a new series of ultra-fast EMI receivers with the brand name TDEMI eXtreme (short: TDEMI X). The new TDEMI X series provides in addition to the classical EMI receiver mode a huge variety of measurement and analysis functions. Using the leading-edge FPGA technology the measurement times can be reduced by a factor of 64 000. High-resolution giga-samples analog-to-digital converters increase the dynamic range by more than 25 dB in comparison to the previous standard product series TDEMI.

The worldwide fastest EMI test receiver TDEMI, covering the frequency range 10 Hz - 40 GHz, which is 4000times faster than previous conventional technologies now also provides a Spectrum Analyzer for measurements according to communication standards. Additionally this spectrum analyzer mode can also be used for ultra fast pre-scanning during EMI measurements.

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS@the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US), 5th - 10th August 2012. Visit us at booth #923 together with our US distributor EMI Instrumentation and check out our TDEMI® Measurement System with its blazing speed in the frequency range 10 Hz to 40 GHz and its latest features, e.g. APD evaluation. Ultra high-speed measurements according to commercial and military standards up to 40 GHz boosting your EMC compliance and pre-compliance tests into new dimensions.