TDEMI® Mobile series

New dimensions for pre-certification. The TDEMI Mobile (TDEMI M) product line of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a very compact designed instrument especially for mobile use outside as well as in labs on the developer workbench providing a great variety of functionalities. By its standard 12V power supply it can be easily used for onboard testing, e.g. in vehicles or aircrafts. Designed for pre-certification tasks the TDEMI M provides the absolutely unrivaled advantages in speed and performance of the very well established and approved real-time signal processing and microwave technology of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS. Thus, your pre-certification investigations can be performed up to 16000 times faster than by conventional receivers. The instruments can be ordered for the frequency ranges up to 1 GHz, 3 GHz, 6GHz or 7 GHz starting from 9 kHz or optional even starting from 10 Hz. The fully gapless real-time analysis bandwidth of 225 MHz (Option RTEMI225-UG) of the spectrogram mode makes the TDEMI M series unique in the instrumentation market for pre-certification and provides a

perfect tool for real-time EMC debugging during your product development and test cycles. It supports the user in detecting, localizing, observing and analyzing emissions and in finding solutions for optimizing EMI of components and systems in civil applications as well as in military and avionic industries. The receiver of the TDEMI M instrument can be used for easy and ultra-fast pre-certification EMC tests according to CISPR, MIL461 and DO160 standard. By performing a measurement at several thousands of frequency points the TDEMI M series allows to reduce the overall test time and thus pushing shorter time to market cycles. At the same time high reliable test results with reduced measurement uncertainty by not missing any disturbance or emission, e.g. intermittent or single events and disturbances, ensure a very good correlation with your external certification labs and thus avoid additional repetitive and costs making the TDEMI M receiver a very cost effective solution for your lab.

The instruments of the TDEMI Mobile series are available in the following different frequency ranges and can be configured in addition also with many different options according to your specific application and requirements:

  • TDEMI M1 (10 Hz – 1 GHz, with Opt. MIL/DO-UG, upgradeable to 3 GHz, 6GHz and 7 GHz resp.)
  • TDEMI M3 (10 Hz – 3 GHz, with Opt. MIL/DO-UG, upgradeable to 6 GHz and 7 GHz resp.)
  • TDEMI M6 (10 Hz – 6 GHz, with Opt. MIL/DO-UG, upgradeable to 7 GHz)
  • TDEMI M7 (10 Hz – 7 GHz, with Opt. MIL/DO-UG)


TDEMI M. The mobile EMI receiver - Emission measurements everytime, everywhere.

Datasheet (PDF)
  • Frequency Range 10 Hz - 1GHz, 3GHz, 6GHz or 7GHz
  • 16000x faster in your pre-certifcation work
  • compact design and +12V power supply
  • 225 MHz full gapless real-time analysis bandwidth
  • Weighted Real-time Spectrogram
  • By an additional option applicable also for full compliance testing of conducted emissions in the range up to 30 MHz
  • Automated Evaluation & Documentation (CISPR 16-2-1 & 16-2-2)
  • Ultra-fast spectrum analyzer mode available
  • Option MIL/DO for testing according to military and avionic standards and measuring start frequency at 10 Hz
  • Single Frequency Mode Measurements