The worldwide fastest EMI test receiver TDEMI, covering the frequency range 10 Hz - 40 GHz, which is 4000times faster than previous conventional technologies now also provides a Spectrum Analyzer for measurements according to communication standards. Additionally this spectrum analyzer mode can also be used for ultra fast pre-scanning during EMI measurements.

Fig. 1 – Spectrum analyzer mode

The spectrum analyzer offers outstanding possibilies e.g. 145 quasi continuous variable 3 dB Bandwidths in the Range 1 Hz - 300 MHz. A Multichannel mode allows improve the scanning speed significantly in comparison to sweeped spectrum analyzers. In additon an unparalleled precision regarding amplitude accuracy and frequency resol ution is achieved. These unique features are supported by memory depth of each trace of 200000. This combination allows to perform measurements with high resolution over larger bands.

The spectrum analyzer mode allows also to perform extremely accurate pre-scans. The observation time (dwell time) can be increased by several orders of magnitude, while the sweeping time is reduced in comparision to conventional sweeped spectrum analyzer by at least one order of magnitude. This allows fast and accurate measurements of modulated signals.

The spectrum analyzer feature is available for the TDEMI Measurements Systems TDEMI 1G, 3G, 6G, 18G, 26G and 40G as an option (ordering information: SAM-UG).

The unique possibilities of the TDEMI Spectrum Analyzer are presented at the booth 269 Hall A1 of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS at the Electronica from Nov. 13th to 16th, 2012.