GAUSS INSTRUMENTS@the IEEE EMC Symposium 2011. Technical Session with special focus on time-domain measurements techniques (WED-PM-1, Room 101A) - with four contributions of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS.

Meet the inventor of the TDEMI® and learn about the latest research results and developments in time-domain EMC measurments in the Session 'Emissions 2' chaired by Don Heirmann and Tom Fagan. The session is focused on time-domain measurement technology and takes place in Room 101A on Wednesday afternoon 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM. Four out of seven presentations are contibuted by members of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS.

The special session offers seven presentations giving introduction and detailed insight into measurement of electromagnetic interference and application of time-domain methods. Advanced methods for the modern world of EMC testing will be shown, accelerating and simplifying the measurement procedures of more and more complex and challenging devices under test.The 2011 IEEE EMC Society International Symposium and Technical Exhibition on EMC will take place in Long Beach, California (US) from August 14th through 19th, 2011. The four presentations are in detail:

  • Digital Automatic Calibration Method for a Time-Interleaved ADC System used in Time-Domain EMI Measurement Receiver
  • A Novel Time-domain EMI Measurement System for Measurement and Evaluation of Discontinuous Disturbance According to CISPR 14 and CISPR 16
  • Noise Cancelling Algorithms for FPGA-based Time-domain EMI Measurements in Real-time
  • A Broadband High-Dynamic Time-Domain System for EMI Measurements in K-Band up to 26 GHz

More information on the presented topics are available in the final symposium program on page 36. So come and take the chance to learn about the latest developments in the complex world of EMC testing and how to benefit by applying new methods to analyze electromagnetic interference in real-time and reduce measurment uncertainty.

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