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The novel and brand new product line TDEMI ULTRA is the latest and most powerful measurement equipment for emission testing on the market. It is based on the unrivaled and patented TDEMI® real-time technology of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS. Ultra high performance: Best RF performance. Lowest noisefloor. The fastest FFT-based receiver on the planet & the fastest superheterodyne receiver on the planet - all at the same time. All at the same time? Yes, you're reading right. All at the same time. You're asking yourself, how the hack is that possible? By using the patented GAUSS INSTRUMENTS technology with the very most advanced DSP concept in combination with best in class performance RF components and microwave circuits. Its unrivaled Multi-GHz real-time scanning feature, ultrafast receiver scaning, as well as its outstanding dynamic range of about 100 dB (@0dB attenuation and preselection off) or even up to more than 170 dB including the automatically stepped attenuator and an ultrahigh performance preselection makes the TDEMI ULTRA receiver series outstanding and absolutely unique in the test and measurement market. The TDEMI ULTRA is the very first system combining an ultrahigh performance stepped scan mode with ultrahigh performance technology. The result is an instrument that allows to speed up the conventional stepped scan mode by orders of magnitude in combination with an ultrahigh performance preselection and an ultrahighly linear inputstage that supersedes all prior art technology, especially for pulses and pulsmodulated carriers.

Highest measurement accuracy and highest measurement speed is achieved over the entire frequency range starting from DC up to 40 GHz. The TDEMI ULTRA measurement system provides a fully integrated spectrum analyzer and also a real-time spectrum analyzer. The TDEMI ULTRA product line stands for highest performance and due to its various operation modes it can be used in a vast range of applications, e.g. also for measurements and testing according to telecommunication standards as ETSI - as well as for general analysis of signals as well - all this can be done fully gapless in real-time with an absolutely unique instantaneous bandwidth of 685 MHz. It is very easy and cost-efficient in upgrading its frequency range as well as by a various number of other extensions which can be integrated into the instrument also step by step. The frequency ranges are 6 GHz, 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz or 40 GHz respectively. A large variety of configuration possibilities makes the TDEMI ULTRA to the customized solution perfect fitting into your lab and to your application according to civil standards (e. g. CISPR, EN, FCC Part 15, ANSI C63.2, ANSI C63.4), military standards (e. g. MIL-461G, but also its previous versions and revisions) as well as avionic standards (e. g. DO-160). The frequency range of the TDEMI ULTRA systems starts at 9 kHz in its standard configuration and can be extended down to DC by the available option DC-UG. Of course, like all other TDEMI measurement systems, the TDEMI ULTRA measurement systems can be remotely controlled and fully automated via Ethernet (TCP/IP) very easily or any other standard interface.

Die Geräte der TDEMI ULTRA Serie sind in den folgenden Frequenzbereichsmodellen erhältlich und können mit vielen verschiedenen Optionen und Erweiterungen für Ihre speziellen Bedürfnisse und Anwendungen konfiguriert werden:

  • TDEMI ULTRA 6 (DC - 6 GHz, mit Opt. DC-UG, aufrüstbar auf 18 GHz, 26,5 GHz bzw. 40 GHz)
  • TDEMI ULTRA 18 (DC - 18 GHz, mit Opt. DC-UG, aufrüstbar auf 26,5 GHz bzw. 40 GHz)
  • TDEMI ULTRA 26 (DC - 26,5 GHz, mit Opt. DC-UG, aufrüstbar auf 40 GHz)
  • TDEMI ULTRA 40 (DC - 40 GHz, mit Opt. DC-UG)


Ultra high Performance: Höchste HF Performance. Niedrigster Rauschboden. Der schnellste FFT-basierte Messempfänger der Welt & der schnellste superheterodyne Messempfänger der Welt - alles zur gleichen Zeit.

Datenblatt (PDF)
  • Frequenzbereich von DC bis zu 40 GHz
  • 685 MHz Echtzeit-Analysebandbreite
  • Dynamik von mehr als 100 dB
  • Multi-GHz-Echtzeit-Scanning bis zu 40 GHz
  • 6dB RBWs gemäß CISPR, MIL, DO, ANSI, FCC
  • schnellster Superhet-Messempfänger der Welt
  • Einfache Bedienung über großes 10,4"-Touchdisplay
  • Multifunktional und leicht aufrüstbar
  • Vollständig normkonform mit CISPR 16-1-1 sowie ANSI C63.2
  • Vollständig normkonforme Messungen an allen Frequenzen und in allen Betriebsarten
  • Einsetzbar für EMV-Prüfungen nach CISPR, EN, ANSI C63.4, FCC
  • Anwendbar für EMV-Prüfungen gemäß MIL-461 und DO-160 Standards
  • Anwendbar für Prüfungen nach Telekommunikationsnormen wie ETSI oder FCC
  • Konventionelle Superheterodyn- und FFT-basierte Spitzentechnologie
  • Geringer Stromverbrauch, +12V-Versorgung oder Batteriebetrieb (Option)
  • Schnellster FFT-basierter Messempfänger der Welt
  • Schnellster Superhet-Messempfänger der Welt